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What Causes Men Not Satisfied with Penis Size?


Penis Size –┬áThe issue of male penis size and performance in bed is the most interesting to discuss. If women often are not confident with the shape of the body, then he is not confident in their penis size.

“Size does or does not matter, it’s all back again on each pair, because otherwise yourself and your partner feel comfortable with penis size then there will be no problem,” said a sexual psychologist, Zoya Amirin, during a press conference Durex some time ago.

Zoya adds, there are some problems experienced by a number of men about their penis size. However, one of the most disturbing is the concern would be the size of a man “asset” valuable, whether or not their partner can be happy.

The condition may be due to the habit of women, while less satisfied on the quality of lovemaking partner, direct “Accusing” the cause is the partner’s penis size. Worse, they often discuss it to his friends.

Sperm Quality Scotland More Fabulous?

Sperm Quality

Sperm Quality

When pregnancy is anticipated never arrived, you may begin to wonder what is causing the problem. Whether the problem is with you, or the husband? Often, the problem actually exists on the husband. For example, the decline in sperm quality. Whether it’s due to stress, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, or smoking habits. Or perhaps because he used to wear pants that are too tight?

Well, make no mistake, tight pants it can affect sperm quality deterioration. More recently, research on the relationship with sperm quality pants worn again showed surprising results.

Condoms – Find Out Condoms Pas This Way



Condoms to be one fairly reliable protective gear when they want to do safe sex. The problem is when the passion has peaked, that he did not have time to use it. Or, in his haste, he did not notice the quality of the condom.

Another frequent carelessness he is not really check the size of the condom is purchased. As a result, condoms often do not fit the size of the penis.

The American Sexual Health Association revealed guess wrong size condom is the main reason why men are reluctant to use condoms during sex. One vote will make the condom condom is too tight, or too loose wrap around the penis. Condoms that are too tight will make the penis feel a little sick. The oversized condom will make it easy off and disrupt the enjoyment of sex.